Therapy in London

therapy in london

I work face to face with individuals who are struggling with a variety of emotional, relational and identity difficulties. Sessions can be on a short term or longer-term basis, depending on the wishes and needs of each client. Sessions are 50 minutes long and take place weekly.

My aim is to help you with whatever emotional and psychological difficulties you may be experiencing in your life. Listening to your difficulties often involves my helping you to reach a better understanding of who you are and how you relate to others. To help you identify negative patterns of relationship and behaviour which you now may be feeling ready to explore.

And the day came when the need to remain closed became more painful than the risk to open” Anais Nin

Therapy has been described as a way of allowing an individual to properly ‘meet’ oneself in order to reach a clearer understanding of who you really. This exploration of self is rarely something we can do by ourselves.My experience has convinced me that talking about your concerns with someone trained to listen to them (and respond to them) in a particular way, can often be hugely helpful. It won’t ‘cure’ you and it won’t erase painful experiences from the past,but it can equip you to move forward with greater ease and the potential for future positive change.

An integrative approach takes the stance that no single theory is universally accepted in current psychotherapeutic thought. In my own practice, this means that I do not approach you, or the work we do together, from one fixed theoretical perspective but in a more flexible spirit, so that your own unique way of being with yourself and with others – and with me in the consulting room – can unfold and be met respectfully.

therapist in london